Make Hay with a microwave link – its Festival time!

May kick starts ‘Festival Season’  a summer of country fields, retro marquee’s and nostalgic English pastimes. The combination of rural location and canvas is a major headache when we expect to tweet,  Facebook & spend…yes even in our wellies!


The Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts 22 May – 1 June 2014

*Read our story on how we helped The Hay Festival set up it’s connectivity 

Due to the distance of the Festival site from the local telephone exchange and the area’s very rural nature, high speed fibre broadband is not available. The Festival IT team needed a solution to improve connectivity on site and contacted us to help. As book lovers and festival goer’s ourselves we were delighted to have the opportunity to work alongside the Hay IT team. 

A point to point wireless communication solution was the answer. A microwave link / wireless link would offer The Hay Festival the bandwidth and speed required. Link distance, modulation and frequency were considerations and a robust antenna tower was essential to ensure stability.

Our detailed site survey showed that direct line of sight was not possible and a relay site needed to be found. Discussions with a local landowner resolved the problem and a permanent relay site to enable connectivity to the festival was established. Effectively extending the high speed Leased Line connectivity of Hay Festivals Drill Hall site to the main festival site. free line of sight survey>

Reliability of connection is vital for Events with e-commerce and media. We developed a solution to this by running two links in parallel, one would effectively back the other up in the very unlikely event of a line failure. This fail over would be configured to happen automatically within seconds so that the festival experienced the minimum amount of downtime.

Installation took just two days requiring the support of the local landowner and permission to mount a mast on his land. Our thanks to him as he was so supportive and obviously a lover of the Festival himself.

Speed – the link operates at 100Mbps per second carrying voice, data and video traffic; e-commerce, media editorials, pictures, email, festival users blogs and maybe the next best seller!


  • Point to point Resilient Microwave System
  • e-commerce & data
  • Parallel back up link
  • Installation and mounting
  • Site survey & full design brief
  • 2 day installation

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Affinity install and maintain wireless microwave links across the Uk and have experience working for a broad range of Business, from Corporate Oragnisations to Events 

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